The Point of It All


So the last of #nct lectures was over.

Throughout the 6 weeks, Ms Kwa brought us on an adventure into Twitter, Google Wave, Google Docs, Facebook. We’ve realized about our subconscious use of Continuous Partial Attention, and felt the emergence of potentially more powerful information machines like Bing and Wolfram Alpha.

Today, we’ve all come to an end of everything. Let’s talk about the point of it all.

New Communication Technologies are an inevitable step we, the human race, will all take. The uncertainties we’ve felt about this change in the landscape of media are not unfounded.The rise in communication prowess of individual is a threat to professional communicators. Advertising, PR and Promotion are rapidly being commoditised.

What does it mean to us, the future communication professionals. Would we still have a Ogilvy/McCain/Saatchi&Saatchi to reside in? I’d love to think they’d still be able to be the big brothers.

When our generation replace the majority of consumers world, would traditional mass media still have the market share that they have today? Or would we be buying majority of media space from Google, Facebook, twitter, Bing and xiaxue.

There are countless uncertainties and almost-certainly, the entire landscape would have an overhaul. What these all mean to us, is that we have to continuously change our steps, be aware of the million changes to the world and communication.

What I’ve learned in year 1 and 2, seem to be very different from #nct. It’s scary, menacing, and yet, extremely exciting.

Following ms kwa words, I hope and want to be brave enough to be the first batch to venture the new frontiers despite all the threats and uncertainties. The world changes every second and so would I adapt. Speed, courage, awareness, creativity,  openness and social-networking are the notes taken.

The point of it all?

Anticipate change and adapt new relevancy constantly.


Note: Special thanks to ms kwa for giving us one of the best modules in DMC.


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