Twitter became my School Curriculum


.1 Why Twitter

Twitter has officially become our  school curriculum.


I thought Twitter’s lame.  I saw Twitter as only a tool for people to get updates about friend’s lives. Yet, its lesser than Facebook as Twitter’s basically graphic/photo and video incapable (being fundamentally text-based communication).

Boy, was I so wrong.

In Twitter, our particulars are shortened to just 160 characters of Bio and a profile Picture. It’s vastly different from Facebook/Myspace. Twitter is about useful information. In Twitter, you are what you share. Your value increases with the quality of your tweet and your network of followers.

Twitter is knowledge.

2 weeks into using the app, Twitter has replaced my main source of news. Spending 5 mins on Twitter is akin to scanning thru one entire section of Straits Times, till the point where my mind is overloaded. I knew of the Ford Shooting incident half a day before I saw it on TV5 News.

Twitter is a catalyst for shaping perceptions.

Since so many people gain important information and decision-making opinions from tweets, its a rich yet cheap marketing resource. And people who tweet are potentially strong influencers.


.2 Notes taken by Experiencing Twitter

Three notes I’ve taken:
1.  The quality of your time spent on twitter = quality of people you follow. (think stephietan mentioned this)
2.  To increase influence on Twitter, is not just equal to increasing number of followers. Followers must be relevant,  of quality and biological.
3.  Your tweet is successful when there are plenty Retweets.


.3 Experimenting Twitter

As a communication student, of course I can’t miss out trying to see how this interesting medium work. I decide to experiment how to increase influence level.

Experiment #1 – Following reciprocal Tweeps

Search and follow influential tweeps (relevant to your niche) who have approx the same number of followers and following. This imply that they probably would follow u back when u are their followers. Advantage of this method is to have quality tweeps following you. When you have a good tweet, they might RT and this would increase your followers considerably.  However, beware of who you follow. Remember note 1.

Result: Success

Experiment #2 – Tweeting what i’m doing

By regularly update on what you’re doing gives your followers an insight of your life. However, you need to be either leading an extraordinary life or you’re a celebrity like xiaxue for people to be wanting to know the “what are you doing”s. I’m neither, thus updates of such would only be of interest to my close friends. Furthermore, if you tweet too often or plenty of irrelevant info to your followers, they might start unfollowing you.

Result: Fail

Experiment #3 – Tweeting my blog posts that are potentially of interest

As I realised what people RT  are usually those of relevance to most other people, Ive decided to try tweeting about my review on laptop. And indeed, Ive received more than 100 views in total after the tweet. This reminds me of what patlaw said – Social Media should be just a side tool for organization’s marketing plan. Twitter/SocialMedia is never a solution itself.

Result: Success

Experiment #4 – Sharing Twitter Contacts

Every friday is sharing day. People share quality/relevant twitter contacts on #Follow Friday. In this way, as you mention the contacts you’re sharing, people would in turn be grateful to you and this enhances the relationship.

Result: Success

Writer’s Notes:

#1 Thanks for creating backlinks to my posts.

#2 Edited Twitter’s spelling error. Credits to Pingkwa for correcting this.


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